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The Author, Arj Mukherjee

Novelist, Engineer, Salsa Dancer, Globe-Trotting Backpacker

Arj Mukherjee is based in Lima, Peru where he is taking an extended break from life to travel the world as a novelist, expert salsa dancer, periodic petrochemical engineering consultant, and low-budget backpacker (not necessarily in that order).

Arj spent his career in the international oil and finance industries as an expert in energy technology and policy, sustainable energy development, energy pollution, and all manner of other pursuits primarily revolving around carbon-laden molecules. Arj has advised national governments, private corporations, state-owned oil companies, and other clients who are similarly preoccupied with carbon.  Arj also spent many years as a consultant to the Canadian government’s foreign aid agency, transferring Canadian know-how and policy frameworks for the energy industry to developing nations around the world.

During his professional life, ​Arj has always opted for personal satisfaction over wealth and fame (but has never been religiously averse to the latter two).

The Facts Behind the Fiction

​Among his various other pursuits, Arj is the founder and CEO of Chemically Renewable Hydrocarbons (CRH) which explores an energy future beyond oil (if that sounds vaguely familiar be sure to visit the website if you're curious about the science behind the novel). When Arj isn't busy traversing the globe, figuring out where the local salsa dancing scene is (and subsequently engaging in at least one hip-swiveling session till the wee hours), getting his backpack repaired, or sitting on a beach jotting down notes for his next novel, he's probably thinking about CRH. (Arj frequently insists that his day consists of more than 24 hours but that's probably just the jet lag talking.)

Spread the TCS Message

Climate Change, Energy Security, World Peace

​If English is your native language, you represent the 6 % of the world's population that generates 25 % of its wealth.  In other words you are at least 6 times richer than the other 94 % non-English speaking people of the world, who we must reach with the TCS message, since we all share the same home (Planet Earth) which we now need to save from irreparable damage. In purchasing an English edition copy of TCS, you are not only providing yourself with a riveting novel (checkout our reviews above), but you are helping relay TCS to ALL people around the world, since the funds from your purchase will be applied to translating TCS to all of the world's major languages.  Moreover, the translators chosen will be people who have a gift for languages but may not qualify for the high-paying language translation jobs with the big-name publishing firms.  TCS is a grassroots movement that needs you, the native English reader from a well-off country, to help fund and support our message that humanity must now intently focus on the survival of our precious planet.

Get In Touch

Thanks for visiting (especially if you bought a book)!  If you'd like to drop me a line with feedback, questions, or just a friendly howdy, please don't be shy. If you're on Facebook, you can keep up to date with all the goings on at the TCS Facebook Page or my Personal Profile Facebook Page.

​Please keep in mind that, at any given moment, chances are pretty good that I'll be on an airplane flying to some exotic locale (for research of course). But rest assured that I will get back to you as soon as I'm in range of a decent wifi signal (and well out of range of any decent salsateca).